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Do you love the drama and excitement of modern railroading? Do you enjoy the memories of mainline steam and famous passenger trains? Do you want to learn more about a dynamic industry that has been at the forefront of innovative transportation for the last 150 years? Are you a photographer looking for a challenge?

Railfan & Railroad MagazineEach issue of Railfan & Railroad Magazine brings the best of contemporary railroading and a touch of nostalgia, all illustrated with the finest photography. Join us each month as we explore the busy mainlines and colorful shortlines throughout the United States and Canada.

Model railroading is a rewarding hobby that allows you to express your creativity in three dimensions. Create your own world with detailed scale models. From trains to track, scenic wonders to concrete canyons, you can recreate any era or region you can imagine. You may even choose to add the latest in digital command control technology... Anything is possible!

Railroad Model Craftsman MagazineRailroad Model Craftsman Magazine is the magazine for model railroaders with a high interest in fine modeling accessible to all skill levels. Enjoy engaging features and inspiring photography month after month!


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Flying Models Magazine is devoted to all aspects of model aviation with an emphasis on construction, design and performance. Flying Models peanut to free-flight, control-line to high-powered quarter scale radio control, Flying Models makes model aviation accessible to all levels of hobbyists.

Flying Models MagazineFlying Models Magazine makes model aviation accessible to all levels of modeling enthusiasts, and offers topics and information you won't find elsewhere. Flying Models gives you the whole picture, and keeps you informed, entertained and involved.

Looking for new ways to portray the drama and excitement of railroading, top photographers constantly look for new ways to challenge themselves. When creativity meets technical challenge, the result is astonishing.

Great Railroad PhotographyGreat Railroad Photography is a new annual publication from Carstens and the editors of Railfan & Railroad magazine containing great photo essays crossing the boundaries of photographic style and expression! Our authors and photosgraphers take a fresh look at railroading and share their excellent results with you in this exciting new annual!


Choose Your Hobby

Choose Your Hobby


From the Maine two-footers to the storied lines of Colorado, narrow gauge railroading has many attractions. Unique equipment, beautifully rugged terrain, and a certain charm that just can't be explained. Modelers looking for a special challenge are drawn to the world of narrow gauge for many reasons!

Carstens On30 AnnualCarstens On30 Annual and HOn3 Annual are packed with tours of beautiful layouts, inspiring modeling features, and accurate and interesting information about the prototype. In-depth product reviews and inspiring features and photos are found in each issue.

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